CISA Hotel Series - Digit Plus Memory
CISA Hotel Series - Digit Plus Memory
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Easy to use, thanks to the display and beeper. Ideal for business needs: the perfect size for a laptop computer, with an optional internal universal power socket to recharge the batteries of any electronic device in conditions of total security. Audit Trail of the latest 100 Operations. The Audit Trail function stores the latest 100 operations performed on the safe (opening/closing with master code or user code and use of the mechanical override). Portable printer (accessory). The print-out of the Audit Trail provides a detailed report for each event: date, time, type of operation, code utilised. Display shows all basic user information in a simple and intuitive manner. Laptop size capacity. The size is designed to comfortably accommodate a laptop PC and other belongings. Mechanical override to open the safe in case of failure. No need of reduced security drill points. Digit Plus Memory also records it into the Audit Trail. Master code allows service opening when guests forget their user code. Easy to use. Type in the code and the door opens automatically. Internal universal power socket (optional). Recharging facility for all types of electronic devices whilst fully protected inside the safe.



  • Laser cut: minimal space between the door and frame, guarantees maximum security against attacks.
  • Solid robotic welding. Door hinged on casehardened pins for smooth opening and reliability over time.
  • 90° door opening with cantilevered hinges giving maximum clearance to make it easier to insert large objects (such as 14” laptop).
  • Motorised lock with low power consumption, mechanical lock out to prevent manual retracting. 2 deadbolts (18 mm diameter).
  • Door clearance mechanism when opening
  • Mechanical override. The safe can be opened (but not locked) with the key. C2000 key or similar with more than 30,000 different combinations.
  • Single key for all safes provided, 3 copies supplied. Additional safes can be ordered with the same emergency key.
  • Keypad with beeper and ADA-compliant (Americans with Disabilities Act) to help blind guests.
  • LED lighting: interior lighting comes on automatically when the door is opened.
  • Protective interior carpet.

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